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Its name already gives it away: the Xvive V3 metal is perfect for fans of rougher music styles. This compact effects pedal guarantees tight bass, scooped mids, and screaming trebles, making it suited for palm-muted chords as well as screaming solo parts. The pinch harmonics will fly off your fingerboard and melt face all throughout the audience. Its clever design provides excellent dynamics, making sure subtle parts are also perfectly audible in the mix.

Xvive effects pedals have been designed in collaboration with musicians and engineers, resulting in full tones, great user-friendliness, and a durable housing. The advantage of a compact guitar effect is that it saves space on your pedal board, reducing its weight and providing more comfortable transport. All pedals from the Analog Series are completely analogue and true bypass to maintain the signal quality of your instrument.

  • Xvive Analog Series
  • V3 Metal
  • true bypass
  • analogue design
  • easy to use
  • small, compact size
  • durable metal housing
  • controls: level, tone, gain
  • input: 1/4-inch mono jack
  • output: 1/4-inch mono jack
  • power: 9V DC, negative centre, 20mA (not included)
  • dimensions: 1.8 x 3.7 x 2 inches (46 x 94 x 50 mm)
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