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The Joyo Vintage Overdrive JF-01 is an Ibanez Tube Screamer clone with smooth overdrive and sustain. The original Tube Screamer's are known for their characteristic mid hump. Joyo's version is less mid-range muddy, allowing more clarity to be heard from your guitar playing. It also has greater gain range than the standard TS. It beats the original at it's own game.

No need to pay more for a souped up TS clone! The Joyo Vintage Overdrive gives you the smooth classic sounding overdrive you want at a rock bottom price.

    An improved clone of the classic Tube Screamer, with an updated JFC4588 chip
  • True Bypass
  • Drive, Tone, and Volume Controls
  • Rugged Aluminum alloy casing
  • Uses a 9V Battery or 9V Adapter
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