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The JOYO Digital Delay pedal is a digital delay at a rock bottom cost. Clean repeats you want, clean repeats you get. From slapback, to full on cascading walls of chiming goodness this pedal can get you there. Has the standard controls for controlling Level, Time, and Repeat (aka feedback) and is built like tank and dependable.

You simply aren't going to find a cheaper delay pedal.

1.A delay pedal with combine count mould, adjust time, repeat and level
2.A well-made filter circuit very close to the sound of analog delay
3.Easy to know the difference from the tone of the low-class digital delay
4.Delay time range: 25-600 ms
5.True bypass design to minimize the tone loss
6.LED power indicator
7.Powered by 9V battery

1.Input impedance: 500 Kω
2.Output impedance: 10 kω
3.Running current: 40 mA
4.Delay time: 25-600 ms
5.Voltage: 9V battery/adaptor
6.Dimension: 120 x 97 x 55 mm
7.Net weight: 390g