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The Ogre Kronomaster Delay looks like a time traveller. Hence the name of the pedal of course. But literally; It has the shape of a futuristic helmet and its eyes shine haunting blue when you switch on the effect. Kronomaster Delay is based on the PT2399 chip which is a standard delay chip for pedals nowadays. The controls consist of Time, Repeat, Mix. It is simple and easy for delay sound effects you want. Kronomaster Delay sounds warm and bright through a wide frequency range, and you can also get the sounds like an old fashioned tape echo.It looks sturdy and it feels heavy. That's because of its solid build quality. The people at OGRE sure see it as a priority as the brand equips their pedals with a sliding door that covers the controls from any external influences. It all comes firmly fixed in a nice, stylish box as well.

   Controls : Time / Repeat / Mix
Connectors : Input / Outout / DC Input
Effect on : Press the pedal switch to turn the effector on (the LED indicator lights up).
Input Impedance : 500KΩ
Output Impedance : 10KΩ
Power Consumption : 25mA (Power on)
Delay Time : approximatley 40mSec ~ 550mSec
Power Supply : DC 9V 006P / 9V(constant voltage) AC adapter (negative centre)
Dimensions : 94.5mm(W) x 142mm(D) x 67mm(H)
Weight : 475g (without battery)