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Trust Fostex. In the DE-10 24-bit Dual Digital Multi Effects Processor, project studios, musicians, vocalists and guitarists have easy access to the highest quality effects at an incredibly affordable price. Featuring an evolution of Fostex’s acclaimed A.S.P.+ (Advanced Signal Processing) technology, the DE-10 is a true stereo dual-channel processor with 24-bit internal processing, 20-bit A/D, 24-bit D/A and packed full of classic reverb, ambiance, amp simulation, mic simulation, plate, chorus, panning, delay, flanging and pitch shifting effects.

  • Fully independent dual multi effect processors
  • Internal 24-bit data processing
  • Ultra-realistic Mic Simulations:
    11 patches of popular microphone types
  • Awesome Amp Simulations: Simulation of popular guitar and bass amps
  • Effect patches suitable for recording drums and vocals
  • Dual (1 in 2 out x 2) or Single (2 in 2 out x 1) mode operation
  • Guitar / Mic input with trim
  • Each effect easily edited via front panel rotary controls
  • Bypass On/Off via footswitch or front panel control
  • 20-bit A/D, 24-bit D/A
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