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The Chord Blue Ukulele produces a beautiful resonant sound - the result of the quality materials that it is made out of; The main body and neck of the ukulele is made of linden wood (a native tree to Europe and North America), which is complemented with brass frets and a high quality rosewood bridge and fretboard. Unlike some ukuleles which come with ‘tuning pegs’ (similar to violins) which can slip and go out of tune, the Chord Blue Ukulele comes with geared machine heads which will help you easily tune your ukulele accurately, and ensure the good quality nylon strings stay in tune. This combination leads the Chord Blue Ukulele to be the best soprano ukulele in its class for both sound and build quality! As you can see this Chord Blue Soprano ukulele is a great instrument to start on - be the envy of all your friends with this super stylish Uke.

The body and the neck of the Chord Blue Soprano Ukulele is finished in a sophisticated deep pastel blue matt finish, which contrasts well with the rosewood bridge/fretboard and nickel/brass embossed machine heads. This attention to detail is further enhanced with a matt white Chord logo on the headstock and a white rosette around the sound hole, all of which results in a fun yet classy look which appeals to both children and adults.

  • Great for beginners - kids through to adults
  • Made of tone woods & finished in a pink finish
  • Geared machine heads to ensure the strings stay in tune
  • Very easy to learn
  • Perfect beginner ukulele for all ages
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