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A great sounding, feature-laden amp ideal for the budding guitar hero! The 10-watt BB10 is great for all kinds of music, with a versatile Bass/Treble EQ that allows you to mould your sound to your heart's content, and a gain control that will take you from bright cleans to crushing distortion. Best of all, you can plug your headphones in for silent practice, an ideal practice amp on a budget.

 - This is a standard 1/4" input jack for plugging in your instrument.
  • GAIN - 
Adjust this clockwise to increase the amount of distortion you add to the overdrive signal. Used in the lower ranges of the control, you get a less distorted sound, a ‘bluesy’ tone. As you increase the gain, you add tremendous amounts of distortion to the signal for a harder edged ‘crunch’ tone.
 Push this little button to get classical overdrive or normal clean guitar tones.
  • VOLUME - 
The output volume control for the entire amplifier.
  • TREBLE - 
Adds extra treble to the bass tone for additional ‘bite’ and attack. Too much will give an overly abrasive sound.
  • BASS
 - Adds extra bottom end for a rounder, deeper and smoother bass tone.
 - A 1/4" jack for plugging in headphones creating a pseudo-stereo sound. Select sound level with the volume control. It will automatically disconnect the internal speaker when plugged in to allow quiet practising.
  • POWER 
- This switch turns the power to the amp on and off.
  • SIZE
 - 23.5cm (H) x 24.5cm (W) x 12.4cm (D)
 - 2.95 Kg
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