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This used Fender Stage 112SE amplifier is a straight-ahead combination of radical new distortion sounds and time-tested Classic Fender Sounds packaged together in a 160 watt Solid-State configuration, which is both easy to use and inherently reliable.
The Stage 112SE Normal Channel features the standard compliment of Volume, Treble, Mid, and Bass controls with the addition of a Mid Shift Button for that ultra-clean sound. The Drive Channel features Gain, Volume, and a separate EQ consisting of Contour, Treble, and Bass controls. The almost unlimited combinations of the Gain and Contour controls will vary your sound from smooth and bluesy to a honky bite or all the way to ten for the crunchiest sounds around. You get seating smooth highs backed by deep punch. The Treble and Bass controls give you continuous adjustment of the highs and lows, allowing the Stage 112SE to be the perfect compliment to your individual playing style.

In addition to convenience features like All Front Panel Mounted Controls, the Stage 112SE features a detachable footswitch (included) for selecting the Drive Channel and Reverb. Standard 1/4 inch phone jacks are used for ease of connection or extension of the footswitch to remote pedal boards. The Preamp Out & Power Amp In jacks can be used as an effects loop or as Send and Return points while slaving multiple amps together or for direct connection to recording and sound reinforcement mixers. The possibilities are endless (eg: by inserting a Chorus pedal between the Preamp Out of one amp and the Power Amp In of another, a true stereo image effect can be achieved).

Last, but definitely not least, the Fender Stage 112SE packs a new power amp that is based on a radically underdamped design that interacts with the speaker in much the same way as a tube amplifier does, producing sparkle and punch with an increase in apparent loudness and power that defies comparison to other similarly rated units. Also included is a sophisticated, transparent protection scheme designed to completely prevent amplifier failure due to bad speaker cords or incorrectly connected speaker jacks. This amp is Loud and can reliably put it out, night after night.

2 Channel

160 Watts

Line Out

Preamp out/in

2 Button Footswitch Included