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Because the DeltaBass is a lightweight amp, it’s portable enough for any gig or practice. The easy to use three-band EQ is so versatile you should have no problem quickly dialling up your sound. Professional features like a Tuner Send, Post-EQ Effects Loop, and a transformer balanced XLR jack with Pre/Post EQ switch will make your next gig a breeze. The signal for the XLR is tapped before the Volume control (even for the Post EQ Send) so you can adjust your stage volume without tampering with the sound in the mains. This will certainly score some valuable points with your sound man. Power 160w (4 ohms)

  Buffered tuner send jack

• Post EQ effects loop

• Transformer-balanced XLR jack

• Pre/Post EQ send switch for XLR jack

• Ground lift switch for XLR jack

• Patented DDT power amp compression with defeat switch and LED indicator

• 160 Watts (4 ohm) power amp