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The LP Hi-Hat Tambourine consists of 8 pairs of nickel plated steel jingles that add a bright, high projecting tambourine sound to any standard hi-hat pull rod. This unique tambourine features the LP exclusive ''click'' mute which allows you to easily mute the tambourine using your fingertips, providing a quick and trashy sound effect. It is equipped with a wing screw for proper height adjustment and made from durable ABS plastic.
•Hi-hat tambourine with LP’s exclusive muting feature
•Adds bright tambourine sound to any standard hi-hat pull rod
•Mute the jingles with easy on/off CLICK* feature
•Strike the tambourine (while muted) for a quick, trashy sound
•Durable ABS plastic with 8 pairs of Nickel-plated, steel jingles
•Jingles mounted on RESO ring for projection
•Innovative LP Design - Patent pending