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Boasting more accuracy than ever, the Snark ST-8 is the last clip-on tuner you'll ever need, no matter what instrument you play. One of the most feature-packed compact tuners you'll find, the ST-8 features flat tuning, transpose functions, and easy pitch calibration. Its ultra-tight tuning reacts directly to the vibration of your instrument, so you never have to worry about background noise as you tune. Just clip the ST-8 to the headstock of your guitar or any resonant part of your instrument, and you're good to go. What's more, the Snark ST-8's upgraded high-definition display rotates 360 degrees, so it's perfect for lefties too!
Type        Chromatic
Format        Clip-on
  Display Type        High Definition 360 degree display
Reference Pitch        Pitch Calibration 415Hz-466Hz
Tuning Range        Guitar, Bass, Ukulele and other stringed instruments
Metronome        Yes
Batteries        CR2032
Inputs        Clip-on vibration sensor