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The MD409 U3  is a dynamic microphone from the mid-80s that is particularly suited to miking up guitar cabs, percussion and brass instruments. Undistorted transmission of powerful instruments and instrument amplifiers due to large surface membrane. Extremely good feedback protection due to pronounced directional characteristics.
Good acoustical separation of the individual instruments, e. g. when recording percussion
Insensitive to handling noise due to shock-mounted system
Sound inlet basket made from stainless steel, therefore very robust
Needs only a little space due to flat, rectangular design
Genuine gold-plated sound inlet
Unbreakable quick release clamp
Acoustical mode of operation: pressure gradient
Frequency response: 50-15,000 Hz
Directional characteristic: cardioid
Open circuit output voltage at 1,000 Hz: 1.18 mV/Pa ±2.5 dB
Electrical impedance at 1,000 Hz: 200Ω
Minimum load impedance: ≥200Ω
Connector: Three-pin XLR plug
Wiring: 2 and 3 = moving coil, 1 and housing = ground
Dimensions in mm: 55 × 34 × 134
Weight: approximately 180 grams