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The Swiff B2 is a smart, intuitive chromatic tuner for guitar, bass, ukulele and more. The B2 is held in place by a clip-on mount that is sturdy enough to grip to your headstock. For added functionality and portability, the B2 can be detached from the clip and attahced to your guitar’s headstock with a magnet. This means you can rely on your tuner to always be attached discretely, which is a great benefit during live use. The large LCD display is backlit and colour coded so you can easily tune at home, whilst busking and at live events. The display also flips so it’s always easy to see. The vibrating tuning mode is ideal for loud areas. The Swiff B2 is a must have for all musicians looking for a reliable tuner that’s always there when you need it.
Dimensions With Clip
  • Height: 62 mm
  • Width: 72 mm
  • Depth: 17 mm
Dimensions Without Clip
  • Height: 24mm
  • Width: 31 mm
  • Depth: 16 mm
  • Tuning Scale: Chromatic
  • Tuning Mode: Vibration
  • Tuning Range: A0 (27.50Hz) – C8 (4186Hz)
  • Calibration: A4 = 440Hz
  • Precision: +/- 1 Cent
  • Response Time: Under 20 ms
  • Power: 3V (CR2032 Lithium Battery, Included)
  • Weight: 20 Grams
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