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The Fender Champion 20 has classic Fender Blackface cosmetics, simple controls and a versatile sound. The 20 watt Champion features a single 8" Special Design speaker with great amp voices and effects making it easy to dial in just the right sound from jazz to metal, blues to country and more. The Champion 20 Guitar Amp features world-renowned Fender clean and overdrive tones plus an assortment of British and modern amp voicing and distortion flavours. Add to that a diverse palette of effects, including delay time and tremolo speed which can be easily set with the TAP button to match a song's tempo. An auxiliary input is included for jamming along to your favourite tracks with a media player and a headphone output allows for silent practice.


Fender’s Dyna-Touch III amps combine great tones, killer looks and ease of use with the excitement of Fender DSP effects, which include reverb, delay, chorus, flanging, tremolo and more! The 65-watt Princeton 650 gives you seven revolutionary timbre filters, including “Metal Drop Scoop”, “Mid Squawk” and “Acoustic Scoop”; plus a digital chromatic tuner and FX select, FX level and time / rate controls. And, of course, Dyna- Touch III amps feature the same legendary “dynamic” touch-sensitive response you expect from a Fender. With features like these, other amps can’t touch it!


The 10-Watt LX10 is capable of producing some great tones. Housing a big sounding 5" driver and 2 band EQ the LX10 produces a nice open clean sound and hitting the on board DRIVE switch allows you to kick in some serious, great sounding distortion. Plugging in some headphones means you can play whenever you like, whatever time of the day or night and if you connect an external device to the AUX IN socket you can jam along with your favourite players! Finished in the same decor as the bigger LX models the LX10 is a great addition to the LX range.


The Peavey Transtube Audition Practice Guitar Amp is perfect for those bedroom or backstage practice/jam sessions. Thanks to the built-in Transtube technology you no longer have to sacrifice tone when using a smaller amplifier, and the included headphone socket ensures you're never going to annoy the neighbours again. These amps are also perfect for the beginner guitarist looking for a cheaper alternative.

Peavey TransTube Series guitar amps feature Peavey's TransTube technology, which emulates the sound of tube amplifiers with the convenience and reliability of solid-state design. The TransTube preamp tailors the gain level for the desired amount of drive, and the power amp responds to the preamp with natural compression that increases with the amp’s volume. The result is a line of amplifiers with widely ranging dynamics and natural "grit," just like a real tube amp.


Considered by many to be the hottest little amp in its price range, the Peavey Bandit 112 features a vintage/classic/warm switch on the clean channel and a classic/modern high gain switch on the lead channel that totally change its tonal character. It's like having 6 amps in one! Complete with protective cover.


MIDI foot controllers designed to enhance the VYPYR Series modeling guitar amplification experience.
The Sanpera I includes an expression pedal for executing volume, wah and pitch shifter functions, plus four momentary feature selector buttons. The Sanpera I is housed in a roadworthy and rugged cast-metal casing and features high-quality metal switches.


The VOX AC30 combo amp has been an icon for decades, known as the sound that powered the 1960s' "British Invasion." Based on the classic AC30 design, the all-new Custom Series AC30C2 offers numerous up-to date enhancements, delivering the most versatile AC30 design in VOX history.

VOX Custom Series amps offer two channels: Normal and Top-Boost. Each channel is equipped with its own Volume control, and the Top Boost channel offers highly interactive Treble and Bass tone controls. This powerful channel pairing provides an abundance of tone-crafting control, letting you dial in a classic sound that is all your own.