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This is a classic little mixer from the 80's. 5 inputs (4 for the output of the 4 track tape deck it was designed to compliment) and a Mic/Line input. The great thing is it has a compressor with variable release. It runs off a PP3 battery (9V) or a power supply.
In great condition including the original box and instructions.
 Entirely analogue.


M-Audio's portable and versatile Keystation 88 USB MIDI controller keyboard gives you a great-feeling 88-key keybed in a very lightweight and compact unit. The Keystation 88 features velocity-sensitive, semi-weighted keys for smooth feel and expressive playability, letting you get the most out of your virtual instruments and software synths. This controller includes an assignable slider that doubles as a volume control, data up/down buttons, DAW transport controls, pitch bend and mod wheels, and more. It's also perfect for hooking up to your iPad for mobile song creation. Ignite your creativity with the M-Audio Keystation 88.


The K5m rack-module version is basically the same as the K5 except that it has 126 adjustable harmonics and 4 assignable audio outputs and a stereo mix output. If you plan to use the K5 strictly as a sound source in an established MIDI studio, the K5M desktop module version is more compact and practical than the keyboard version.

KURZWEIL K2000 V3 SYNTH (1990s) (USED)

The K2000 was one of the classic digital synthesizers of the 1990s, and still holds strong after many years. 
The sample ROM on the K series is famously of very high quality, and the synthesis power offered by V.A.S.T. (Variable Architecture Synthesis Technology) is immense. Furthermore, the K2000 could be expanded via "sound blocks", RAM, sampling option, scsi hard disc and lots more.  Its Operating System was regularly updated by Kurzweil, and by V3, adding a very capable sequencer, and many sounds.

And the K2000 is also an absolute joy to use as master controller.  The keyboard is very expressive and the aftertouch is easy and linear to engage.  The MIDI controls are comprehensive and it's easy to use as MIDI master keyboard.