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This Trumpet Stand is a must for serious trumpet/cornet players. The tripod folding leg assembly base design folds compactly for easy storage and travel. The spring loaded bell support will adjust to your instrument so that it will sit safely and securely.

HOLTON VALVE OIL 1.6 fl.oz (47ml) BOTTLE

This Holton Valve Oil 1.6 ounce bottle is a perfect size to carry around in your case. Manufactured by the Holton Company, the quality is excellent, and we recommend this product for use with any brand of instrument. Holton Valve Oil dates back over 75 years. Musicians find it still provides such swiftness and smoothness that their instruments feel like new. Holton Valve Oil helps protect against wear, eliminates leakage and noise, and permits moisture to work for you, not against you.


Nothing embodies brass instruments more than the trumpet. Its amazing range, from subtle to forceful, has made it a popular musical instrument for centuries. If you are looking for a musical instrument or band instrument that can grow with you as your skills develop, the trumpet is a wonderful choice. Trumpet mouthpiece and hard-shell case are also included.