The JOYO American sound guitar effect pedals is one of the UKs most popular Amp simulators from the JOYO first series of pedals. The pedal is designed to introduce the right kind of overdrive, just like an alnico 12-inch speaker pushed to the limits, adding more natural distortion to an already saturated tube.

The sound you hear on the 60's surf classics, as well as the country and rockabilly hits from the 50's is the classic fender clean sound. This warm sound which first emerged in 1953. Some describe the tone of the amp as dark, as there is less high end, but it features a full 3-band EQ in case that's really not what you're looking for. This pedal will also do the classic sounds of the early Fender Amps cranked right up, that brilliant growling, saturated over driven tweed sound. This sound can be heard on countless recordings, from Eric Clapton through to Billy Gibbons.


The British sound effect features on this overdrive pedal make it more than a tube-amp simulator. It's a tone-sculpting tool that Michel Angelo himself could be proud of (if they had electrics guitars back then; he probably would have invented pedals). Using this JOYO for rhythm work, you can cover the Rolling Stones or Led Zeppelin no problem, and then just add a bit more gain to nail those guys' drive channel. The distortion benefits tremendously from the mid control (many players love the mid-boost feature of the vox amps, and you can't get that out of your stomp box with only a single tone control).


If you're a rock, blues, jazz, pop, indie, metal or punk player, the Kinsman Dynamic Overdrive should be the first pedal on your board for every show.
With its versatile Level, Gain and Gain Boost controls, the Dynamic Overdrive is just perfect for anything from slow, smoky blues to crisp pop melodies and thrashed punk chords.
Use it on your guitar's clean signal for creamy, stadium-filling classic overdrive sounds, or flick the switch when you want to drive your already-broken up valve amp to the edge of sanity for that big solo!


The Monkey Fuzzle 3 is a Monkey-Monarch amongst fuzzes. The Monkey Fuzzle 3 delivers incredible note separation, lovely tonal transparency and the ever-present opportunity for absolute unmitigated filth with the knobs whacked right up. At lower settings you get lovely smooth sustain. And, of course, that warm fuzzy feeling that only monkeys can give you.


As you can see from the name on it, the Tubeholic overdrive is an overdrive effect pedal which succeeds a historic and traditional overdrive pedal, realizing the overdrive sound from a vacuum tube rich in warm and harmonic constituents.

As well as unique enclosure design may not be seen on any other effect pedals, the sliding-type cockpit head cover system, which is the first adopted in the world, is an exclusive design and system devised by OGRE in order to protect without distracting players’ tone setting developed for a long time during the wild play at the stage. And a wider frequency band than that of current tube sound overdrive, strong gain and high output level, a long sustain sound, which shows genuine value during the solo play, and symmetrical clipping tone using the NOS diode can be enough for many players to experience a new world of overdrive tone never felt on overdrives before. The player can use it as a clean boost, not only the traditional overdrive setting but also the powerful overdrive tone setting, which is matched the music in this period. Thus, the player himself can widen more the range of his own overdrive tone making. It all come firmly fixed in a nice, stylish box as well.


Its name already gives it away: the Xvive V3 metal is perfect for fans of rougher music styles. This compact effects pedal guarantees tight bass, scooped mids, and screaming trebles, making it suited for palm-muted chords as well as screaming solo parts. The pinch harmonics will fly off your fingerboard and melt face all throughout the audience. Its clever design provides excellent dynamics, making sure subtle parts are also perfectly audible in the mix.

Xvive effects pedals have been designed in collaboration with musicians and engineers, resulting in full tones, great user-friendliness, and a durable housing. The advantage of a compact guitar effect is that it saves space on your pedal board, reducing its weight and providing more comfortable transport. All pedals from the Analog Series are completely analogue and true bypass to maintain the signal quality of your instrument.


Tough moulded case holds 5 of the Danelectro Mini Effects. Pop the top and the bottom half functions as a stage pedalboard.

The Mini Case includes the power supply and enough patch cables to connect up to 5 Danelectro Mini Effect Pedals.